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Why Portugal?

Are you looking for a new business adventure?

Here are just five reasons to pick Portugal as your new business destination!

One. We make truly exquisite shoes.
Why? Well, we’ve been making shoes for a long time. And after so many years, we now have a great industry that exports more than 80 million pairs of shoes to 163 countries, all over the 5 continents, every year.

Two. We are one of the 20 safest countries in World to make business in, says Forbes Magazine. We are reliable partners, known for our fast response and flexibility.

Three. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves.

Our industry is growing fast but we are also focused on important issues like sustainability, fairness and loyalty to our clients and employees.

Four. We have a strategic location that allows us to easily reach central Europe through land and air, while our vast Atlantic coast puts us in a privileged spot for comercial trades.

Five. Since you’re here for business, why can’t you enjoy a bit too?
We have so many beautiful and diverse landscapes that you’ll just have to keep coming back. Enjoy the sea, the sun, and of course, our award winning gastronomy.

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