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These terms and conditions administrate the use of Portuguese Shoes Tv Website. By using the website you agree to its conditions of use.

The Portuguese Shoes Tv is physical and intellectual property of APICCAPS - Portuguese Footwear, Components, and Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Association.

The main purpose of this communication channel is the national and international promotion of the Portuguese footwear industry.

For this, the online channel has a weekly issue of the program What's Up.pt shoes. All of this content will be produced in its own office and belongs to Portuguese Shoes TV. The remaining videos were kindly provided by the companies and institutions related to the sector, for national and international promotion of the Portuguese footwear. All copyrights are duly acknowledged on the website.

All other content - design , software , and text –is owned by Portuguese Shoes Tv.

Any attempt to reproduce any of that content will be punishable by law.

For any questions relating to these terms and conditions, you should contact us using the following email address: portugueseshoes.tv @ gmail.com

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